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Really love the purple
 Views: 206
Mar 07, 2013
On the back of my dad's old touring bike...he now has a BMW touring bike XD
 Views: 225
Mar 07, 2013
Tail tidy XD
 Views: 250
Mar 07, 2013
My first bike
My Honda CBF 125
 Views: 180
Mar 07, 2013
Photo taken while it was in the dealership - as you can see here it still has the original indicators on but those where swapped to the R&G ones to match the tail tidy on the back XD
 Views: 176
Mar 07, 2013
Discussing with my dad where we should ride out to  :001:
 Views: 234
Mar 07, 2013
First picky
Just before my first ever ride out on my new ST  :001:
 Views: 260
Mar 07, 2013