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Re: airbagvest
« Reply #10 on: February 17, 2020, 11:11:03 AM »
*Originally Posted by Bexupnorth [+]
I really like the idea of an airbag vest, but the cost is just too much at the moment. I'd love the Dainese, but could buy another bike for the price. The Helite seems the best alternative, but looks ugly as sin. I'll hang on for a while longer, but great to see there is some interest in the space :)

It's interesting that you've (accidentally?) resurrected a thread from last year - and one I can't recall reading at the time. 

"Interesting"?  Well, yes, because the topic was raised recently on the other forum that I'm on ( and it was, in part, prompted by that horrendous crash suffered by a motorcyclist being hit head on by some knobhead in a Scooby running VERY wide - and very fast - through a corner.  Many will have seen footage (from a dashcam in the Scooby) of the biker so hard on the front brakes that he's almost vertical on the front wheel.  The rider suffered (is STILL suffering) 'life changing injuries' but .... and this is, kind of, the interesting bit - police and ambulance services said that the rider survived ONLY because he had an airbag vest on!

I started looking into the Helite vests and they don't look particularly ugly to me - beautiful, no ... but ugly?  Far from it.  The vest type (as opposed to jacket) looks relatively discrete and is available (IIRC) in plain black or hi-viz.   

I still haven't decided whether or not to bite the bullet and definitely get one but for the mileage I do in a year (fair weather rider - or "pussy" as one might be inclined to say!) I have a while yet to make a decision.   If I do take the plunge, it will probably be for an overvest type and, most likely, will go for an "ex-rental" if available to keep the initial outlay down.

Yes, they're expensive, but I reckon if you asked the guy taken out by the Scooby if his airbag vest was expensive he'd, have a sllightly different viewpoint?   

Expenditure or risk?

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Re: airbagvest
« Reply #11 on: February 17, 2020, 11:17:50 AM »
Fair point, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. Have to say I didn't notice the date on the thread, but have been thinking long and hard about an airbag since seeing the Dainese vest and that video.

Your post raises another question, easily overlooked. Are you more likely to require protection if you ride regularly and therefore exposed to risk more often over someone who has less practice but does fewer miles? It all comes down to personal choice at the end of the day

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Re: airbagvest
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2020, 11:47:32 AM »
I tried a Helite GP vest last year on a trackday.
Fortunately I didn't have to try out the main functionality of it  :001:
I like the idea but found the vest was bulky, hot and a little restrictive, having said that others seem to get on with them, but i definitely wouldn't wear the GP on the road.
The cord idea works better than I thought, my only concern would be if you have an accident where you slide along with the bike, which isn't uncommon, it might not go off....

Having looked around, I've come to the conclusion that Air vests are a bit like electric cars currently, give it a year or two and then they might be practical and reasonably priced for normal use (for me anyway).
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Re: airbagvest
« Reply #13 on: February 17, 2020, 07:54:57 PM »
I started this topic about 10 months ago, and to be honnest, I have not ridden my bike or another ,without the airbagvest ever.
It never activated, so I still don't know what difference it would make , but I have been close ( remember my ponystory  :005:)
I hope I will never need it.

Also Airbagvests aren't new anymore. They are well out of development faze and there are some good new products out there from different well known brands.
If I were to choose now, I still would go for the Ixon . It is a comfortable vest that goes under your gear.

I wouldn't go for the older style cord activated solutions anymore. They do not react fast enough in a direct collision.
Ixon spent since 2017 more then a year to test the vest itself with 500 testdrivers on the open road and then they did some changes to come to the final IX U03 product.
In & Motion makes the brain and programs the algorithms . I have seen that my vest already received modifications in the algorithms over my WIFI net , while charging. so they really update and upgrade things. plug out the small "brain box) out the vest and plug it in with your phone charger (USB) to reload battery and at the same time it will make contact over your wifi network ( you allow that ones) with In&Motion to look for updates .
On top of that apart from Ixon, there smart detection box and software is now also used in new Furygan and Held vests. (same hard and software I think, only other type vest)

pro's of my vest:
*Use it under your suit (so styling is your choice)
*Use it on the road or on track ( those are different algorithms that you can set using an app on your phone)
*No wire connection to the bike , so you change or testride  bikes without worrying where to attach.
*faster reaction then the old wire systems
*You can reload it yourself after it has been activated (new inflator costs 90 , so not cheap)
*It is so comfortable to wear
*it has its own backprotector, so you can remove the backprotectors out of your suits and vests
*the detection box and the inflator is integrated in the backprotector, so no annoying bottle in the front.
*The areas of protection are quite complete.

Pricewise: It is not cheap but.
399 for the vest and the choice to buy the detection box at another 399 ( so around 800 all in) or to lease the detection box for 120/year or 12/month, so you can skip the months you don't use it. After 3 years you can decide to buy at 99
Updates are free. And it is a learning curve since every user shares information to make it possible to upgrade algorithms.

Have a look at what we spent on a helmet (carbon.....) on special boots and fancy vests /suits or even ....on an exhaust system.... and ask yourself when you go down, would you rather prefer to sound good doing it or to be protected ....

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