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on: March 22, 2020, 12:35:23 PM
Myself and my mate on his S1000RR left a sunny but cold Warrington last Friday, intending to do a run to Barmouth in North Wales.  Its was cold, very cold and the heated grips on both bikes were on from the get go.  Traffic was light really and not many bikers about.  The roads were mainly dry, but on the hilly stretches there was wet where the water runs down from the hills.  Nothing to bad though. They also had that greyish chalky stuff on them, probably been salted recently and it hadnt been fully washed off by the rain yet. 

All was going well until we pulled into the usual bike stop at Bala for a brew and a warm.  My mate heard a hissing noise from his rear tyre, and sure enough, a firkin huge nail had pierced it on the left hand side.  Luckily, some other bikers there had a puncture repair kit.  None of us had used one before, but eventually we sussed it and got it plugged.  A motorist, who was also a biker had a compressor, so happy days.  The repair got us back to Warrington.

In all the 40 odd years of biking neither me or any of my mates have ever had a puncture whilst out riding.  you can bet we will deffo be carrying a repair kit going forward though.  That was an absolute life saver.  Weird really, as we were chatting coming home about rad guards, which I have on mine, and I suppose a puncture is the same as a bust rad in that it will stop you where you are.  Just never thought of it, but will now.