Author Topic: First 675 track day at Cadwell (evening low/medium)  (Read 207 times)

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Iím not new to track days or Cadwell (I live 40 minutes away, hence the evening session).
Iíve previously dragged my old 98 Fazer 600 round Cadwell in the inters group.
Iíll be on my 2015 Street (noneR) on fresh Metzeler M9 front and M7 rear
ABS does not come in the options in the setup menu (whatever it says in the manual) - just pull the specific 20Amp fuse if I want to turn it off?
Headlights - pull the fuse? Manual say fuse 6 is lights AND starter? Or am I reading that wrong?
Iíll remove the mirrors

Any other thoughts? Iíll drop the tyre pressures.

Evening track day, so only two groups. After each session do peeps just go up to the parking, wait for the other group to clear the holding area then drop down and park / turn bikes off in there?

TIA p.s. REALLY looking forward to this!
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Re: First 675 track day at Cadwell (evening low/medium)
Reply #1 on: June 16, 2020, 06:24:07 PM
Donít worry about the lights , I run mine with lights on all the time ; they shouldnít be coming towards you anyway ,
Tyre pressure 30 :30 or 30;28 cold for road tyres
Abs donít worry about it unless you lap ok in fast group and are hard on the brakes
Only 2 groups there will be a big difference in ability in the lower group so it depends how confident you are and how you ride
My best advice is always make room for yourself ie if your pace is going well donít get stuck following a group too close , line them up for a lap then pass ,if your pace is slower than some out there ,keep your line consistent and donít weave all over the track ,also at slower pace the middle of the track is the worst as no one knows if you are going to suddenly swing to the left or the right
Not knowing your ability itís hard to say but good luck and have fun
Also firm your suspension up a little

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Re: First 675 track day at Cadwell (evening low/medium)
Reply #2 on: June 17, 2020, 11:26:53 AM
Hi yh sound advice. I did have my abs go crazy on my first lap out braking hard on the park straight heading into park. my own fault tho had bike in wet mode as track was damp but no issues. I'd say go out if your abs becomes an issue then pull the fuse. if not always nice to have it. as mentioned with ability be careful when you hit coppice people seem to brake very hard if not used to the track. will be a good place to sail past a few people same on the park straight.

You will return back to your car/ van after each session. tuition is available and Tyre support if needed. food is available but takeaway only and card payments cannot spectate around the track but can stand by the mountain section. You can also only take one person with you to assist no other spectators are allow. 

Tyre pressures are a tricky one. All depends on the Tyre the temp of track and ability. start with pressures as stated. When you get in check the temp of tyres if nice and hot with even wear your are there. (should feel just hot enough that you can leave your hand on them but any more would burn you) if cool and have a rough shredded look you may be too high. If crazy hot and hard to turn may be too low. 30/30 or 30/27 (what i ran on corsa 2's) should be fine. If you speak to the Tyre support guy he can advise what is likely to work for you on the day. If the Tyres move a bit out of a corner drop a psi or two till you are happy.

Suspension you will need to be a little stiffer to cope with the elevations but then again thats why i love this place

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