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Re: decal removing
Reply #10 on: July 18, 2020, 02:52:11 PM
*Originally Posted by fethry [+]
The ones on the back can be removed easily by heating them first with somenthing like a hair blower... :028:
I haven't tried removing the triumph stickers on the tank so I can't guarantee for them

*Originally Posted by Jonsson [+]
Can you or anyone else confirm this with a picture?
I'm thinking of removing the rear decals "street triple r" on my matt graphite -09
And I want to be absolutely sure that it doesnt leave a glossy finish underneath the sticker...

Why I ask is because some people around forums state that the matt finish of the "R" is created with a very thin layer of matt coat after fitting the decals/stickers.

Any chance that anyone can confirm this?

Just got a 2009 jet black STR and would love to remove the "street triple" stickers on the tail.

The jet black is not matte but glossy...
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