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Ah the old "is our worth it" question. I don't know, I test rode both and thought they were both ace. As it turned out I got a better deal on my R and it had a few extras on that I liked so rather than costing extra it was a no brainer. I have to say I like the brakes but can't say whether they are better by far cos I can't remember what the standard one felt like. It's nice knowing I got the best I could though, even if it never makes a differ to my ride.
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Only reason I went for new St was the colour. Couldn't get over the blue. It's awesome! If the r was in blue would have gone for that. The r looks cool cause got R on it. Rookie rider like me the suspension n brakes wouldn't make much diff for me.


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I agree the blue is the best of the new colours  :028:
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Major difference I found between the standard and the R model was that there were no R models to be found anywhere and VERY few standard models, lol

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I've been told that as of the last stock going South Africa won't even bother importing the non-R version as they simply don't sell down here.

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Traded in my 2006 Daytona for a 2009 Street R. Although there was only a choice between Lime Green and Matt Burnt Orange I don't think you can beat the orange with all the trimmings. Interesting point about brakes on a used bike. My old Daytonas brakes were crap.  Turns out previous lady owner had been very gentle with it whilst accompanying partner who had a Harley. Ahum! Local bike shop advised several high speed (80-100mph) stops using high lever pressure. Result, #### hot brakes ,although Triumph rear brakes are disappointing. Those on my 62 Thunderbird are much better! :028:


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Well written.
For me the STR wins.

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Well, I had a 2012 R, got stolen, and now I have a 2012 standard. For me, on the street and with my style of riding there is no much difference between the two bikes, maybe a bit on the brakes, maybe it is just psychological... Having said that, I would have bought another R if I had not found this standard. The price was so good (and it only had 2500 miles) that it made a no brainier not going for it...

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Just come from test and put the deposit on the "R"

Chopped in a Ducati for a the STR

It is what I wanted (getting a bit long In the tooth) but the riding style is very upright on both bikes.

Think you sit slightly further forwards on the R and I was told by the dealer the ride hight is 10mm higher with the R.

Suspension setup is an art and a personal preference.   With previous bike I have been lucky to have a friend in the know.  Even having bespoke shims made up. But a finely tuned suspension is susceptible to weight (full English at the stop off can make a difference), fuel level and temperatures.  The biggest effect on setup is the tyres.  An R with tyres at the wrong pressure will always be inferior to a standard ST running the same tyres at the correct pressure.

The stoppers on both are superb but even on a test rides with way too much town traffic the difference with the R is noticeable. Both were excellent.

Is it worth the premium. If you can afford it don't think twice.   If you can't I am pretty certain only a heavy track session will split the two.  Real world speeds on your favourite weekend twisted.

The biggest difference for me is how light and nimble the Speed Triple is.

Sorry for the long post,  just my 2p after the excellent test rides.

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I looked at both (2013 - 2015) and for me the standard bike swung it.

I thought the R colour schemes were a bit Garish and I preferred the basic bikes riding position.

But each to their own

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