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Title: 7/20 Track Day at Portland International Raceway, Portand, Oregon
Post by: colombo on July 21, 2018, 04:12:44 PM
Hi all,  thought I'd share a track day experience from over this side of the pond.

Weather was perfect, the best kind of summer day that Oregon has to offer. Started out in the mid 60s (18) and topped out in the mid 70s (24). I was worried that it might be too hot for the tires I have, Michelin Pilot Road 4s. These sport touring tires are made for cool wet conditions; not exactly ideal. So the fact that it was on the cooler side today was a relief. I think if I do a track day again I will put on sportier tires (without going all the way to diablo corsa or something like that).

The end result was I only had one moment late in the day (when it was hottest). In a tight left-hand corner (turn 3) I had a small moment where the front washed a bit, which unsettled the bike, and caused the rear to slide. See tire pic below.

I initially I entered in intermediate group, but decided last minute to go with beginner group, which I'm glad I did. I was doing more passing than getting passed, so I think that's ideal.

I removed the front cowl to get better video shots. I don't know how much the cowl would help at 120+ miles per hour, because that's when I really started to feel Bernoulli's Principle on hy helmet. It was pulling up on the helmet so hard that I was actually holding on to the handebars pulling down and back 

Enough talk, let's see some pics and video...

All taped up and ready to go:


My top speed of the day. It varied depending which way the wind was blowing.


Rear tire... pretty shredded at the edge.


Map of PIR:


A full session with one of my fastest laps (starts at 8:15):