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General Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Brembo Recall
« Last post by CINNABULL on Yesterday at 11:15:14 PM »
I'm sure you guys are aware of the recall just issued in UK for Brembo front brake pads.    I called my local dealer, Youles, and my 18 Street RS is one of the ones affected.  They have ordered a set of front pads and will bell me when they arrive to arrange fitting.  I'm not sure what other bikes are affected by this recall but its gotta be worth a call to see if you can get a set of pads fitted FOC.....

New Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by Laren on Yesterday at 10:58:22 PM »
I went for the 2013 R model comes with a few extras itís being delivered tomorrow will get some pictures when itís arrived  :001:
PM Sent  :001:
Items Wanted Board / Re: Looking for 1st gen fly screen in roulette green
« Last post by akaIDIOT on Yesterday at 06:43:29 PM »
Yeah I really like the look of the bike a lot better without any kind of screen over the fly screen :)

Ordered the expensive one, they only seem to be selling the entire fly screen kut, looking at the part number. Will post an update of what the bike looks like after installing it (though that'd be a familiar look if it turns out to be the real deal :)).
Hi Tom. No need to worry with your lowboy as I've managed to source a brand new full system.
If you want to get your headers to me I can try to get the dent out for you to help you sell it.
My hp Corse is still for sale. Bump bump.

I have a set of unmarked Givi Monorack top box mounting arms for the 765. Comes with the brackets, four bolts and the special spacers. Very neat installation, see picture. Note, only the arms and mounting kit are included (as indicated by the arrows). You will need to put your own sole plate on them (to match your top box).

Givi model number 6412FZ, normally cost around £85.

I'll take £50 + postage.

For Sale Board - Motorcycle Items / TomTom Rider 420
« Last post by JonB on Yesterday at 12:27:48 PM »
TomTom Rider 420 with RAM mount and all wiring, as new in box. Only used a little, it's in excellent condition.

£150 + £3 postage to UK (though you might want to choose an insured value option).


I have a set of SW Motech 20mm handlebar risers for sale, they are the highest you can fit to a Striple without lengthening the wires / cables.

£25 + £3 postage (to UK).

New Members / Re: Hello from Texas!
« Last post by OuzoStreet on Yesterday at 10:14:44 AM »
Love the CB450! The paint scheme is great. It reminds me of Cognito Moto's CB550 (or does their CB550 remind me of your bike?!?).

So many mods available for our bikes. Singles headlights, clipons, raised clipons, bits from the Daytona 675 like yokes, rearsets, subframe etc (well on my early 2009 bits from early Daytona's fit so I'm assuming parts from a later Daytona would fit yours).

I went down the Cyclops route so that I could fit raised clipons to get the riding position how I like  :002: Can't wait you see what you do to yours  :002:
New Members / Re: Hello from Switzerland
« Last post by OuzoStreet on Yesterday at 10:02:37 AM »
We've noticed the rapidly changing speed limits, and sometimes it seems like for just a few metres with no warning!?! It feels like you need two people to drive, with the passenger just calling out changes along the motorway.

I've walked up part of the Gotthard pass from Andermatt. As soon as I saw how good the road looked I was so gutted that I didn't have my bike! I'm guessing the locals must get fed up with bikes and cars visiting all the time, but I wouldn't mind trying it one day. Heck, some of it would be fun even on a bicycle!
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