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James Whitham Track Training
« on: August 09, 2018, 03:17:03 PM »
Got back from Anglesey circuit last night after spending Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th on track with James Whitham Track Training. The JW crew are tremendous, its a well organised day with no more than 20 riders on track at one time. This gives everyone loads of space and a lot less red flags than I'm used to seeing at other track day events.

Rode in the intermediate group on both days with instruction and advice offered all day by Jenny Tinmouth and Christian Iddon. Both Jenny and Chris were super to work with, very informative, very focused on their clients and very approachable.

Tuesday started with a damp track, I'm not so confident in the wet and got overtaken by everybody in session two. However, it dried out quickly and I was flying round by session three, running at the front of the group.

By Wednesday the weather had improved giving dry and mostly sunny conditions all day. Kept practising the things that Jenny and Chris had suggested i.e. turning into Church a little later for the late apex and getting on to full gas sooner on the exit. It's a ballsy, high speed corner but Jenny's advice worked a treat as a found I was exiting the corner about 10-14 mph faster than previously.

Chris had given us some training on body position so I was also working on softening, and pushing the elbows down in the corners to achieve a better body position. This really helped after initially feeling a little awkward.

The training aspect isn't obligatory, you can skip the training if you want but they're always informative and useful.

I've done track days with No Limits, MSV and JW track training. The JW track training days are by far the best for many reasons. They offer riders lots of space on the circuit, reduced red flags, a relaxed yet well organised structure to the day, super coaches, free tea coffee and biscuits and free photography.

Both Jenny and Chris really helped skill development. I was running in the novice group at the beginning of the year and will be happy to join the fast group next time out after improving under their expert tuition.

Two of the best days on track I've ever experienced.


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