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Re: Speeding
« Reply #20 on: August 12, 2019, 04:45:04 AM »
*Originally Posted by billy1mate [+]
This may not make any difference to anyone but just to make you all aware. The money from a speeding fine goes to the treasury, whereas the money from a speed awareness course goes to that particular Scamera Partnership.
Obviously the latter helps keep the Scamera Partnership in business.

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And the same goes for track days. If people stopped going, then the whole thing wouldn't be sustainable as a business and it would simply stop... The mob that was running the track days at Eastern Creek decided not to continue with the business at the end of last year, and luckily the other main mob that does this sort of thing in Australia, was quick enough to pick this up, otherwise, no track days at Eastern Creek...

Yes, track days are not cheap, but in my mind well worth the cost.

I need my drivers licence to be able to go to work (80kms each way every day), and riders and drivers licence are linked, so if I'd be done for speeding on the bike, I will not be able to drive, which would be a massive problem for me. I wish I could go and do track days every month or so, but unfortunately I'm not made of money, so I just have to tame myself and keep it reasonably "slow / fast", whenever I'm out riding.
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