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Re: Trackday pics.
« Reply #30 on: January 10, 2011, 07:33:15 PM »
*Originally Posted by injury_ian [+]
It was forward planning, eventually it'll be fully colour coded, forks, tank, bolts etc...

Track? that was on road lol  :007:

(Actually, I have no idea why the mondeo is there, thats the exit of the Brands Hatch GP circuit onto Clearways / Clarke curve)

Haha sounds safe mate. Talking of colour coded word of warning, too much orange would be gey. I was thinking of getting orange wheels, hoses, bolts, etc, but then realised there is such a thing as too much.

Will do a photoshop sometime to show you what I mean.

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Re: Trackday pics.
« Reply #31 on: January 10, 2011, 10:05:06 PM »
Not a picture but a vid of my first time with the Street on track in May last year. I went to Brands with a couple of mates who ride Aprilia RSVs - you need to know that to help prepare you for the soundtrack as the camera is mounted to one of them and it sounds like a WW1 bi-plane.  :087:

We start off with me ahead of the camera bike doing a couple of steady laps to get some heat into the tyres but then when my other mate on the RSV comes through (about 1:50) we soon gap the camera bike in some slower traffic and he struggles to get back up to us.

I've bought one of those mini DV recorders and If I get to do a track day this year I've got a couple of mounting points front and rear to do a bit more recording.  Hopefully with a better soundtrack :028:

Enjoy the vid - what little there is of the ST3.
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It must be true, I read it on the internet.


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